About Us


Back in 2015 I spent a few weeks making a custom glass fish tank.  After I made the tank though, I realized I don’t have anywhere to put a 600 pound fish tank, so I needed a stand.  Turns out you can’t just buy an aquarium stand for a custom sized tank without paying a very hefty sum of money to some cabinet makers.  So I asked my grandpa if he could help me make the stand, he said he would. He then taught me basic construction.  He also taught me the importance of detail. 


I then started a YouTube channel in December of 2016, I didn’t know what kind of videos I would make, I just made videos about random stuff.  Then in march of 2017 I made a video on how to make a quarter-pipe.  I had 20 subscribers at the time.  It got a few views the first few days, but it slowly got more and more.  It was getting 100 views a day, then 200,then 500, then 1000!  I decided since everybody loved that video I would make a bigger and better quarter-pipe!  Then due to some miscommunication I had to scrap it.  But then an idea dawned on me, why don’t I re-purpose the half-pipe in to a quarter-pipe!  So I then spent all of the summer of 2017 making a half-pipe.  This was my first time making something that had to stand up to the elements.  Because of that I had to rebuild it.  Then I built it better, stronger and a foot taller.  Throughout making the mini-ramp I got many comments saying stuff like “Can you make one for me!” or “I wish I could build one of those, but my mom won’t let me use a saw.”  I decided to see if anybody made “ramp kits” that people could buy.  I was astonished when I saw the price!  I could make the same ramps that the were selling, but for significantly less.  They also were terrible quality.  I knew I could do much better than what’s for sale now.  I could make them more weatherproof, stronger, smoother and cheaper.  So I did.